Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Last Day of Fall

Double GRRRR. I just spent half an hour writing a post and when I hit "Publish" I got a timed-out message and it's GONE, GONE! Another example of "Technology is nice, WHEN IT WORKS!"

It's beginning to look a bit like fall around here, especially the plants that were stressed by the dry summer we had:

Fall Oak Leaves

I dug out a couple of rosebushes this week. They were floribundas I had bought on clearance and planted not for their color or fragrance or growing habit, but because they were $2 apiece. They have performed admirably, but not being pruned they grew over our heads, interfered with being able to walk on the path, and were in the way of us being able to paint the house, so they had to go. I would like to replant the bed with a whole row of blueberries next spring, and this is why:

Fall Blueberry Color

At a time of year when all the flowering plants are winding down and looking tired, or wet, or wet and tired, the blueberries are a gorgeous spot of color, and will be for a couple of weeks.

I've been doing an awful lot of this lately:

Me with Puppies

The Puppy-Girls are signed up for obedience class in November. Right now it's a lot like living with a couple of very fast, active toddlers with sharp teeth, who aren't potty-trained. They spend a lot of time play-fighting (which the vet says is normal.) Their favorite place to fight is in my lap. This is NOT my favorite place for them to fight, because they get excited and can nip any of my body parts that happen to be in the way, which smarts.

Having the puppies around isn't very conducive to getting any crafting done. They've already bitten off a filet crochet edging and a knit bag (to be felted,) which is very frustrating. I did do these:

Halloween Pens Closeup

These are Halloween pens for an upcoming PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) fundraiser at the middle school (to use, not to sell.) I had seen some cute pens at our local Hallmark store, but they were $2.95 apiece. So I bought a dozen pens for $.89, wrapped them in strips of black tissue paper and Elmer's Glue, decorated them with wire, beads, 3" pieces of maribou boa and cheap plastic rings, and called them done, for about $.40 each.

I rather like them.


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your pictures look fabulous and the puppies...oy...sooo cute!

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